Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm getting lost

When I got to my blog and realize that I haven't posted in almost two months I realize how lost I am... lost in life that is. Sometimes the world seems to just spin around me in a whirlwind of kids, dishes, cooking, driving, bills and I actually have been having quite a bit of fun too. So here's what I missed filling you in on :)

In March we were SO lucky to have Jared & Cindy come to visit... I want them to come back... we had so much fun! The kids were in heaven, the weather was beautiful and we had an adventurous and relaxing few days! Mya is just adorable, and already she was such a little mother to Ryan... she couldn't give him enough kisses!
For Easter we got together with the Click's and camped out at their house just about all day. We hardly even noticed there were any kids because they were playing so well. We showed them egg wars on their trampoline... LOVE egg wars!

Apparently we were having too much fun to take pictures, because this is all I got when we had a visit from Wendy, Melissa, Oriana and Tori! We had a blast, but SOOO missed the other girls! We found major cool stuff at our favorite thrift store... it's become a hilarious tradition.
Meanwhile Ryan is just growing like a weed... can you believe that the small outfit is the one he came home from the hospital in, and he's busting out of the 0-3 month jumper he's wearing! I am sooo happy to announce he's been sleeping 6 hours at a time in the night... I'm actually getting some rest :)
Our handsome little man... SO happy to have him!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking WooHoo!

So a while ago I blogged about how frustrated I was with shutterfly and photo books because they were either really plain or too restrictive. WELL..... I found something that is exactly what I wanted... pre-done layouts that are completely changeable!!!! I'm in heave, and they're on sale until Tuesday for 50% off plus free shipping. :)