Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I loved this idea and had to share... The Creative Homemaker has a system for FHE (Family Home Evening) themes and organizastion for the year. Here's her pic and below is her breakdown of themes/topics.
FHE Themes
Jan- Order and Goals
Goal Setting/Priorities, Responsibilities, Work/House of Order, Word of Wisdom.

Feb- Love
Kindness, Repentance, Forgiveness, Morality.

Mar- Family Unity
(Communication), Manners (etiquette), Reverence, Missionary Work, CTR (honesty/accountability/example).

Apr- Becoming More Spiritual
Review of Conf., Resurrection/Second Coming, Prayer, Faith/Revelations.

May- Self-Reliance
Talents/Gifts, "Mothers"(including Eve, Mary, etc), Being Prepared (temporal & spiritual), Testimony/Trials, Temple.

Jun- Membership in the Church
 Baptism (covenants), "Fathers" (Adam, Lehi, etc), Leadership/Callings, Patriotism.

Jul- Patriotism and Pioneers
Agency, Diversity, Pioneers, Searching the Scriptures.

Aug- Following Christ
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, Atonement, Sacrifice, Armor of God, 6 B's.

Sept- Purpose of Life
Plan of Salvation, Creation, I am a child of God, Godhead/Holy Ghost.

Oct- Obedience
Listening and Following Church leaders/Review of Conf., Budgeting, Commandments, Fasting/Fast Offering.
Nov- Gratitude
Restoration of the Gospel, Music & Hymns, Pat. Blessings, Sacrament.

Dec- Charity
Service, Stories of Jesus, Birth of Christ, Review of the Year.

 For a couple of years I've clipped articles from the Friend magazine and put them in a binder to use for FHE lessons, now I'll use these themes to organize them. Loved this!