Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here a little, there a little...

That's about the amount of crafting I'm getting done these days, but I have high hopes for a craft-filled summer... I plan to teach Alaura how to sew, and come to think of it, Ben would probably love it too. So after really losing another tooth, I finally broke down and made a girl and boy version of some tooth fairy pillows I've seen, it seems like cheating to have them hung on the door, but I'm not opposed to making up some cute paper door hangers showing the tooth fairy which room to go to... since she's missed a couple... woops!

And I've been meaning to finish these for ETSY for forever, finally after a girls craft night Friday I got a couple done!

School is almost out and I CAN'T WAIT!

This has been such a crazy year I just feel like I've been spinning the whole time... moving, early baby, long car rides to everywhere, kids gone to school from 7 to 5, no time to take a breath, or rather, I just haven't been on top of things enough to make things work how I want. I'd say that things will settle down next year, but I'd be fooling myself. You know that feeling of running down a hill and then you lose your stride and are about to fall on your face, that's how I'm feeling. But summer brings a new start, less taxi-ing and a chance to do a slow and steady routine... kids doing jobs (and if I'm lucky, without complaining), time for scriptures, and avoiding the desire to just stick them in front of the TV all day. Here comes fun, here comes camping, here comes visiting friends and family and I can't wait!
So as school's winding down here's what we've been up to:

Tally helping with Dinner

Poor Ryan, with all these girls, he's bound to be surrounded by pink.
Alaura's 7th Birthday. We did a craft party with some friends.
(Note Alaura & Sammie finally let me cut their hair... 4 inches)
Great Grandma Seamons and Cindy came to visit.
Little girls' crazy hair bubble blowing.
Alaura's Mater tooth she finally let me pull out.
Dad and Ben leaving for the Fathers and Sons campout last weekend.
Dad and his baby boy.
Anabelle, loves Ryan!