Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quiet Book Begun

I was sitting behind a little boy in church a couple weeks ago and saw him playing with an old-school quiet book, literally out of the 70's, and it brought back so many memories I had to make one... that and the fact that all my kids were hanging over the bench to look at it :) So after google and etsy spying I have a list of about 30 different pages I could/want to do. Here are my first two pages I actually completed and the kids LOVE them.

The flowers come un-buttoned and can be switched around, and the pot is a pocket.

I found this awesome chunky yarn at hobby lobby, originally I had planned on having the bows tied by the kids but it was in the way too much so I just glued on cute bows. Eventually these will all go in a fabric cover with rings. Keep watching for more to come... next is my I-spy rocket ship and a pumpkin.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle

After almost 4 years I did my first drape job. It was fun to do but with twice the kids it took me 4 times as long as it should have and made me realize how much I missed Wendy's help with the kids and the sewing!

Re-usable Lunch Bags & Stockings

A friend asked me if I made re-usable lunch bags and at first I told her no, and I didn't really want to and then the next week I was noticing how many plastic bags I was throwing away and I realized I should. So after shopping on etsy and browsing google I made sandwich wraps and snack bags to match my kids lunch bags. They're all wrinkly in the picture because I've washed them a few times, and I'm happy to say they are working great, keeping food fresh, and holding up well.

To make the sandwich wrap cut 2 squares of fabric 13" x 13". One from a cute cotton and the other from a food-safe water repellent type fabric. (I used rip-stop nylon, like you'd use for a kite or a windsock). Sew it like you would a pillow, right sides together leaving an opening to flip it inside out. Trim corners, turn, then top-stitch around the whole thing. Attach a 2-3" strip of velcro. I did a different one that is an octagon, not sure which I like better though.

To make the snack bags I cut 2 pieces 6" x 9 1/2" and did the sewed the same way to make a finished rectangle then attached velcro tabs, fold up bottom flap and stitch sides. (I also did ones without velcro, just the flip over kind, I like the velcro better though.)

I wipe clean or for the extra messes I throw them in the washer. Lay flat or machine dry.

Next project... with Christmas around the corner and a new little boy in our family it's time to make his stocking. The primitive stitch is all done, all I have to do now is sew in the liner, toe and cuff... I have amazing fabric luck... we had 4 kids when I first made all our stockings, and I just figured I could always get more fabric, well, when Anabelle was born and I went to make hers I realized I was short and the fabric was DISCONTINUED!!! Here's where my luck came into play, I looked online and found the last few yards and ordered them all... now I have enough to make a dozen more, not that I ever hope to have that many more kids, but in case I just may need it :) Now couple of my friend's are making the same type of stockings, just send me a note if any of you want patterns. We have the nativity, santa, angel and a christmas tree. I thought a gingerbread man and a nutcracker would be cute ones too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

One more First

This week we had our first set of stitches! Poor Anabelle and our tile floor did not get along. So I was trying to stay calm while I was freaking out about this deep cut she now had. A friend met me at the hospital to take the other kids. Anabelle was so calm and collected... all until the aid came in and they had to put her arms straight jacket style and wrap her like a burrito. I'm just hoping she doesn't get a big nasty scar from it :( Vitamin E here we come.

Sorry to the squeamish... this picture is really for Nate, because he'll think it's cool :)

Back to School... and then there were 3!

3 at school, 3 at home, yet even with only 3 at the store with me I still get asked if they are all mine and told that I have my hands full :) It's so nice to have a change though. I've been craving schedules and routines!

The lineup, minus Ryan... Tally was crying when we tried to tell her that just because she has a backpack doesn't mean she gets to go to school too :)

All decked out in their new backpacks and ready to go!

First day of Kindergarten... she may have been all smiles before, but it took a little convincing to get her to get in line. Here she comes!
Less than thrilled... but when I picked her up after school she was all smiles.

End of Summer

You know it's been a good summer when there's been no time to blog! We have played so hard, worked so hard (at least Ben has :), visited family and friends. It's been so good... we came back from vacation and put the kids to work.... 6 hours of weeding the first day, my momma would be proud! Can't let them get too spoiled, at least we're trying not to. I'm so thankful to not be moving again! I think this is only our 2nd time being over a year in a house... knock on wood. Life is good, not much more to say.

One of our AMAZING AZ sunsets... one thing the desert does really well!

Kids and cousins playing at the Discovery park in PG, Utah.

So it's become a tradition for all the de Hoyos married couples (oh and Tori & Blu too) to go out for sushi when we all get together. Not Ben's fave, but it's actually one of the types of foods he can eat out and not cause him pain (no dairy no gluten... fun). So this place was the Shabu Shabu House... kind of a hot pot place but a little different. Yummy and good times!

Visiting Tooele and the chickens... the kids even got little tractor rides at Travis' stompin' grounds. I'm still a little bummed though, because we were within eye-sight of the salt flats, which I've never been too, and we didn't have enough time to go see them.

Meanwhile Ryan is growing like our weeds... 7 months and 16 pounds... he better slow down or we're going to have to get a new car sooner than we thought... when he goes front facing we're in trouble.
And we have a thumb sucker... it's cute now but I am not liking the upcoming battles.

Friday, June 25, 2010

We LOVE Summer

So far we kicked off summer with a camping trip by Lynx Lake with the Clicks... forts, swings and hundreds of ladybugs!

We've had amazing weather, the heat has stayed at bay and we've been enjoying our neighborhood.
Before dad's work got crazy we took a day trip to Fossil Creek... it was SO much fun! Crystal clear spring water, we could see the fish and tadpoles, which Anabelle was terrified of! She wouldn't step foot in the water without screaming. But the other kids swam and played and we didn't want to leave. Apparently there's a waterfall a couple miles up the trail, we didn't make it that far, maybe next time!
Scout Day Camp... Ben's first year going and he had a blast! Ryan and I got to join him for day 1... he was actually really good at the archery... first time ever shooting and he got 3 out of 5 near the target.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here a little, there a little...

That's about the amount of crafting I'm getting done these days, but I have high hopes for a craft-filled summer... I plan to teach Alaura how to sew, and come to think of it, Ben would probably love it too. So after really losing another tooth, I finally broke down and made a girl and boy version of some tooth fairy pillows I've seen, it seems like cheating to have them hung on the door, but I'm not opposed to making up some cute paper door hangers showing the tooth fairy which room to go to... since she's missed a couple... woops!

And I've been meaning to finish these for ETSY for forever, finally after a girls craft night Friday I got a couple done!

School is almost out and I CAN'T WAIT!

This has been such a crazy year I just feel like I've been spinning the whole time... moving, early baby, long car rides to everywhere, kids gone to school from 7 to 5, no time to take a breath, or rather, I just haven't been on top of things enough to make things work how I want. I'd say that things will settle down next year, but I'd be fooling myself. You know that feeling of running down a hill and then you lose your stride and are about to fall on your face, that's how I'm feeling. But summer brings a new start, less taxi-ing and a chance to do a slow and steady routine... kids doing jobs (and if I'm lucky, without complaining), time for scriptures, and avoiding the desire to just stick them in front of the TV all day. Here comes fun, here comes camping, here comes visiting friends and family and I can't wait!
So as school's winding down here's what we've been up to:

Tally helping with Dinner

Poor Ryan, with all these girls, he's bound to be surrounded by pink.
Alaura's 7th Birthday. We did a craft party with some friends.
(Note Alaura & Sammie finally let me cut their hair... 4 inches)
Great Grandma Seamons and Cindy came to visit.
Little girls' crazy hair bubble blowing.
Alaura's Mater tooth she finally let me pull out.
Dad and Ben leaving for the Fathers and Sons campout last weekend.
Dad and his baby boy.
Anabelle, loves Ryan!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm getting lost

When I got to my blog and realize that I haven't posted in almost two months I realize how lost I am... lost in life that is. Sometimes the world seems to just spin around me in a whirlwind of kids, dishes, cooking, driving, bills and I actually have been having quite a bit of fun too. So here's what I missed filling you in on :)

In March we were SO lucky to have Jared & Cindy come to visit... I want them to come back... we had so much fun! The kids were in heaven, the weather was beautiful and we had an adventurous and relaxing few days! Mya is just adorable, and already she was such a little mother to Ryan... she couldn't give him enough kisses!
For Easter we got together with the Click's and camped out at their house just about all day. We hardly even noticed there were any kids because they were playing so well. We showed them egg wars on their trampoline... LOVE egg wars!

Apparently we were having too much fun to take pictures, because this is all I got when we had a visit from Wendy, Melissa, Oriana and Tori! We had a blast, but SOOO missed the other girls! We found major cool stuff at our favorite thrift store... it's become a hilarious tradition.
Meanwhile Ryan is just growing like a weed... can you believe that the small outfit is the one he came home from the hospital in, and he's busting out of the 0-3 month jumper he's wearing! I am sooo happy to announce he's been sleeping 6 hours at a time in the night... I'm actually getting some rest :)
Our handsome little man... SO happy to have him!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking WooHoo!

So a while ago I blogged about how frustrated I was with shutterfly and photo books because they were either really plain or too restrictive. WELL..... I found something that is exactly what I wanted... pre-done layouts that are completely changeable!!!! I'm in heave, and they're on sale until Tuesday for 50% off plus free shipping. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ryan's Blessing

Yesterday we had Ryan's baby blessing. He got to wear the same suit as big brother! I couldn't believe it, but a lady at church (who we hardly know) made this blanket for him... it's exactly what I wanted for his blessing.

He's making a funny face in this picture, but in the other ones he was sad or yawning.

Dad and his new boy... I'm one lucky wife and mom.

I think this may be our first complete family picture :)

We had a great day and a few friends and family were able to attend. We even got snow... although all our Phoenix friends were ready to kill us, not to mention frozen, but we lived :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

The bug bit me again :)

I don't want to call it a crazy idea... but I'm hooked and I can't get my mind off of it. I'm starting research into maybe opening my own boutique/home decor shop, but when I looked a little closer at the location it has the perfect setting for another one of my dreams... an outdoor reception center. So, I haven't even called on the price yet, but I had to post how super cute this place is. So perfectly country it's adorable, and it might be the perfect place to roll all my dreams into 1... design center, decor shop, reception center... woo hoo! So, tell me what you really think, and would it be so horrible to call it "The Little Red Barn"?