Monday, February 21, 2011

Seriously Slackin, but not really :)

So my blog has been seriously slacking, but life definitely has not been. Hard to even comprehend all that's gone on since my last post, August, yikes. Ben got promoted to Manager over the flight line, we found out we're expecting #7 (woo hoo), I got a new calling at church (boo hoo).. they took me from Primary and made me 2nd counselor over Relief Society, but at least that means I get to do fun activities for the women now :) We've had tons of holidays since then, maybe I'll get around to post pics if we're lucky, and I've been crafting away. I'll have to update Olive Oily to show that fun stuff. Life is good and moving quickly!

Backtracking to Halloween 2010... we LOVE Halloween, any ideas for next year's theme?Christmas PJs

The whole family at Christmas 2010
Our trip last weekend to check out the Verde River.. come summer we'll have to come back swimming here, there were some great spots... anyone wanna join us?