Monday, March 8, 2010

Ryan's Blessing

Yesterday we had Ryan's baby blessing. He got to wear the same suit as big brother! I couldn't believe it, but a lady at church (who we hardly know) made this blanket for him... it's exactly what I wanted for his blessing.

He's making a funny face in this picture, but in the other ones he was sad or yawning.

Dad and his new boy... I'm one lucky wife and mom.

I think this may be our first complete family picture :)

We had a great day and a few friends and family were able to attend. We even got snow... although all our Phoenix friends were ready to kill us, not to mention frozen, but we lived :)


The shitheads said...

WOW he is getting so big already. I love the family pic :) I can't wait to see you guys again!!!

gabbyann said...

What a beautiful family.I think
you all look amazing.Its hard for
me to believe that Ryan is 2 months old.I bet the blessing was awesome.Love you all!!!!

Andrea and Nate Tracey said...

I can't believe he can fit into Ben's outfit already! I love the family picture!!! You guys are adorable! Miss you!

Beard Family said...

Wow he is adorable. I love the family picture. You have a beautiful family!!!!

Chris and Jessie said...

The blessing was so sweet, I'm so glad you invited us to be a part of your special day, and we're so glad you're both doing well! As for the snow, we didn't mind visiting it but were glad to come back south to warmer temps! It was Caleb's first snow experience.

Lisa/Scott said...

He has an adorable little face! Congratulations on having yet another perfect child in your family. So glad he's healthy and growing. Love your complete family picture!