Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Upcoming Enrichment Projects

My new job at church makes it so I get to plan the women's activities and I love it :) Each summer the activity I looked forward to the most was Super Saturday... a day of fun and girls and crafts. Well, with the economy and such, this year I decided to change it up a little, but still offer some fun crafts that are super inexpensive. The first half of the day we're going to have classes on Spring Cleaning from the inside out, Savings and Storage, Photo Organization, Canning and Menu Planning & Making Meals Memorable. Then we'll have lunch and here are some of the crafts.

Re-usable sandwich wraps/snack bags... I found a great tip on a blog where they used the flannel-lined table cloths for the liner inside... I'm excited to see if these work out better than the rip-stop nylon. The polk-a-dot table cloths are in the spring section at wal-mart... and 1 fat quarter will make a set of 1 wrap and 2 bags. With donations of fabric we can do it for $2 a set.

I ran across this really cute wooden temple decor from here. We're doing it up as a 5x7 pic and we can offer it for $2.

Our Dry-Erase Menu Board... you can do it with vinyl on the glass or the way I did it was just print the words on the paper with a variety of papers to switch out. With the wal-mart $3 frame and donated paper we can do it for $4 which even includes a dry-erase pen.

I found some really cute tutorials for making all these different flower embellishments and we'll be demo-ing how to make 1 of each different style for $1 a set.
Simple Scripture Case that can hold either a soft or hard-bound Book of Mormon... I plan on taking one of those cute felt flowers and fancy-ing mine up and then I want to find a little "Future Missionary" tag to put on the boys. Thanks to donated fabric, these are only $1 too.


Andrea and Nate Tracey said...

I REALLY love these!!! Thanks for putting them up here!!

Amy said...

Angela- You are always inspiring! These are great ideas!! Love it!!

Deanna said...

Looks so way fun. I may steal a few of your ideas! :)