Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I find myself over the last couple of days spinning again with all the errands, the clutter, trying to work in business and maybe find some pleasure and I'm not doing so good at it all. Today was a deep clean and re-group day and my kitchen and floors are shiny and I feel so much better. I'm so grateful for all our blessings. Life is good :)

A couple of weeks ago Ben texted from work about a great bike trail, so here's a pic as we took a break on the way back from our biking outing. We had such a good time... and yes, Emily is missing in the pic, only because she was strapped to my front ;)

She's growing so big! Almost 6 months but happy as can be.

I'm feeling my age... Ben entered his first Science Fair this year with a flower dying experiment. It was a lot of fun to help him with. We did all the different colors and even split one of the flowers into 4 different colors... awesome.

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Sally T. said...

Aw...your family picture is absolutely adorable. :-)