Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I loved this idea and had to share... The Creative Homemaker has a system for FHE (Family Home Evening) themes and organizastion for the year. Here's her pic and below is her breakdown of themes/topics.
FHE Themes
Jan- Order and Goals
Goal Setting/Priorities, Responsibilities, Work/House of Order, Word of Wisdom.

Feb- Love
Kindness, Repentance, Forgiveness, Morality.

Mar- Family Unity
(Communication), Manners (etiquette), Reverence, Missionary Work, CTR (honesty/accountability/example).

Apr- Becoming More Spiritual
Review of Conf., Resurrection/Second Coming, Prayer, Faith/Revelations.

May- Self-Reliance
Talents/Gifts, "Mothers"(including Eve, Mary, etc), Being Prepared (temporal & spiritual), Testimony/Trials, Temple.

Jun- Membership in the Church
 Baptism (covenants), "Fathers" (Adam, Lehi, etc), Leadership/Callings, Patriotism.

Jul- Patriotism and Pioneers
Agency, Diversity, Pioneers, Searching the Scriptures.

Aug- Following Christ
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, Atonement, Sacrifice, Armor of God, 6 B's.

Sept- Purpose of Life
Plan of Salvation, Creation, I am a child of God, Godhead/Holy Ghost.

Oct- Obedience
Listening and Following Church leaders/Review of Conf., Budgeting, Commandments, Fasting/Fast Offering.
Nov- Gratitude
Restoration of the Gospel, Music & Hymns, Pat. Blessings, Sacrament.

Dec- Charity
Service, Stories of Jesus, Birth of Christ, Review of the Year.

 For a couple of years I've clipped articles from the Friend magazine and put them in a binder to use for FHE lessons, now I'll use these themes to organize them. Loved this!


Wendy said...

Great idea!! Wish we had pinterest when my kids were younger!! So fun!

Josy12 said...

That is such a great idea, Angela! We did something similar, but not nearly as organized, when our children were little. We also spent one FHE each month studying a different country with its customs, food, games, how they celebrated the holidays, etc. It was fun!