Friday, June 26, 2009

We love Summer

By far the best part about summer is going to the pool! Our friend's town has the cutest pool with a waterslide. Ben and Alaura remembered enough of their doggy-paddling from last year to get the A-ok from the lifeguard to get to slide. They just have to be able to get out on their own. Even with it a little cool and breazy, they love it!

When we don't make it to the pool the kids slip-n-slide and splash in the baby pool.


Heather said...

Holy Moly, You're Alive!!! I was wondering when we'd hear from you again. I've been meaning to get a "thank you" card out to you for the hair bows (they were perfect by the way!) but with my baby going into surgery on Monday, I got home from my vacation and immediately had to jump back into reality. I promise, a note is coming, I'm just late!

Heather said...

K- I missed this last night....YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?!?! Wow girl, you are the supermom of all supermoms! Congrats to your whole family! Should I put in a little prayer for a boy?

Beard Family said...

What you are pregnant? You have doubled me. I could not imagine having the 6th on the way. You are a great mom. Hope it is a boy.