Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We've finally landed again :)

After a few months of limbo, Ben got hired at Guidance Helicopters in Prescott, AZ, so we got to stay in the area. We rented a house in Chino Valley and moved in the first week of August. Wendy and Cassie came down to give us a hand, and boy was it useful and fun having them around! Chino has grown on me really quickly, I don't even mind the tarantulas, although the centipedes and wolf spiders I could do without :)Sunsets from our front porch... lots of the neighbors have horses and goats,
the kids love seeing them every time we drive anywhere.

Our back yard on a misty morning

The weeds we moved in to and the surprise Saturday morning
help from some church-members cleaning them up :)

Burning some of our leftover weeds in the back

One of the biggest perks of the house is the swing set!

Cassie set up Alaura & Sam's new pink and purple room

Can we say "Canasta"... little Ben is hooked on it

The Canasta King with his licorice Cigar, he was sooo slap-happy


Andrea and Nate Tracey said...

Man, these posts make me SOOOOO homesick!!! (Homesick for you guys, not necessarily my "home")!! I can't believe it is going to be sooooo long before we can all get together and play again!! It's not fair!!!! And I LOVE the picture of all of you eating cake for Ben's b-day, I think Tali is my fav in that pic!!

MoLe said...

Holy crap your yard is HUGE!!!! so cool I can't wait to come and see it :)

Chris and Jessie said...

I'm so happy for you! I love your view!