Monday, January 11, 2010

Surprise... Baby #6

We had an awesome Christmas and New Years, which I'll have to blog about later, and came home to have a nice, slow, cleaning, nesting, preparing month of January to surprise... going into labor in like less than 12 hours from walking in the door. Apparently my belly size determined when it was time rather than my due date :) So Monday morning, at 33 weeks along, they had to stop my labor as best they could, fly me to Phoenix, now my 3rd time in a helicopter (luckily Ben was flying the other 2 times), and then spent 4 days in bed, drugged up until our little Ryan Jacob decided to make his debut. Born 4:39 am on January 8th, 2010... weighing 5 lb. 1 oz and 18 1/4" long with dark brown hair that looks like it might actually stay dark! He's doing well, may be in the hospital for another couple weeks before we can head back up to Prescott area, but we feel really blessed that he's doing so well and grateful for all the help from friends, family, my mom and the ward in taking care of the kids and meals and support! We love you all!

I'm having issues with photos here so see them on my facebook page


MoLe said...

Whew so much for our easy going new year huh :) HAHA. He is so cute, I cant' wait to meet him.

Good luck!!!

Heather said...

Sheesh, so scary!! I'm happy you have such great help while you get Ryan healthy enough to leave and come home. Let me know if you want/need anything. I'm in another state but I could still call your local pizza place and have a meal delivered. Let me know! Loves to you all!

Tonia said...

So glad you and baby are both okay! Wishing you the best!

Lisa said...

Congratulations you guys! What a beautiful family you have!