Monday, February 15, 2010

What's been going on :)

Ryan already a month old! He's still sleeping almost all day, and seems to still be very mellow-tempered. Looks like he really is Sammie's twin :)

So the last couple months have been so crazy... here's a look back in pictures:

January 2nd Ben was baptized... it was perfect. The spirit was so strong and it was such a priceless experience for me. I'm so happy to be a mother!

Jan 3rd we drove home from Utah.
Jan 4th I went into labor and was flown by helicopter to Phoenix... spent 4 days drugged up and corded to a bed, and Ryan decided it was time to be born. 7 weeks early; 5 lb. 1 oz. 18 1/4" long. He was healthy and beautiful, minus the initial puffiness :)

12 days later he and I got to come back home to the family so excited to see their new brother.

His First Bath

The 6 kid line up! I can't believe how many we have, but we're loving it!

It's unreal how small he is, and yet how they'll grow so big someday!

January 26th: Very big deal.... Ben won 2nd place in the 1st-2nd grade spelling bee at his school. They had to use 4th grade level words to get them out... Ben told me after that he had to spell words that he'd never even spelled before! I was sooo proud of him. He spelled: play, running, every, camera, true, could, urgent, guard, and terrible... the one he missed was towel (toule).

February 14th, Valentines Day, probably one of the girls' favorite days of the year:
Now we're almost back into the swing of things... it's looking like it will be a great year! We feel very lucky and very loved!


Tara said...

I love the picture of them lined up on the floor....way cute and Ryan is way small! I'm sooooo glad things are starting to calm down. I love your growing family.

Ines said...

Oh, he's so cute! I wish I could hold him. I also love the picture where all the kids are lined up on the floor. You're awesome parents and you have such beautiful children.

Chris and Jessie said...

I love the pictures and update on the family activities. I hope you are getting some sleep and enjoying your little one!

Heather said...

Welcome back, it's been a long time! You've had A LOT going on the last while so I really hope you can get back into a normal routine soon. Your new baby is beautiful!!

gabbyann said...

He is growing way too fast. Time for me to come back down there.=)You guys are amazing and I love and miss you tons!!!

MoLe said...

Yay... thanks for the new pictures. Love them!!! And I miss you guys so much!

Nathan said...

It really was a crazy month for you guys!! I am sooo glad that it all worked out! I am sad we missed Ben's baptism, but glad to hear it was special! Can't wait to see you guys and my new little nephew!! Love you guys!

Nathan said...

Ooops, this is Andrea signed in as Nate :0!!!