Friday, June 25, 2010

We LOVE Summer

So far we kicked off summer with a camping trip by Lynx Lake with the Clicks... forts, swings and hundreds of ladybugs!

We've had amazing weather, the heat has stayed at bay and we've been enjoying our neighborhood.
Before dad's work got crazy we took a day trip to Fossil Creek... it was SO much fun! Crystal clear spring water, we could see the fish and tadpoles, which Anabelle was terrified of! She wouldn't step foot in the water without screaming. But the other kids swam and played and we didn't want to leave. Apparently there's a waterfall a couple miles up the trail, we didn't make it that far, maybe next time!
Scout Day Camp... Ben's first year going and he had a blast! Ryan and I got to join him for day 1... he was actually really good at the archery... first time ever shooting and he got 3 out of 5 near the target.


Beard Family said...

Your kids are sooooo cute. I miss you guys. We are moving to Olympia Washington next month. Hope you have a great summer!!!

Travis and Oriana Taylor said...
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