Friday, August 13, 2010

End of Summer

You know it's been a good summer when there's been no time to blog! We have played so hard, worked so hard (at least Ben has :), visited family and friends. It's been so good... we came back from vacation and put the kids to work.... 6 hours of weeding the first day, my momma would be proud! Can't let them get too spoiled, at least we're trying not to. I'm so thankful to not be moving again! I think this is only our 2nd time being over a year in a house... knock on wood. Life is good, not much more to say.

One of our AMAZING AZ sunsets... one thing the desert does really well!

Kids and cousins playing at the Discovery park in PG, Utah.

So it's become a tradition for all the de Hoyos married couples (oh and Tori & Blu too) to go out for sushi when we all get together. Not Ben's fave, but it's actually one of the types of foods he can eat out and not cause him pain (no dairy no gluten... fun). So this place was the Shabu Shabu House... kind of a hot pot place but a little different. Yummy and good times!

Visiting Tooele and the chickens... the kids even got little tractor rides at Travis' stompin' grounds. I'm still a little bummed though, because we were within eye-sight of the salt flats, which I've never been too, and we didn't have enough time to go see them.

Meanwhile Ryan is growing like our weeds... 7 months and 16 pounds... he better slow down or we're going to have to get a new car sooner than we thought... when he goes front facing we're in trouble.
And we have a thumb sucker... it's cute now but I am not liking the upcoming battles.

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gabbyann said...

Summer was so fun. I am so glad that you were able to come and visit while Andrea was here. It was so great. Love the picture of Ryan. He is such a cutie. Looks like his dad when he was a baby, but I think Ryan has more weight on him.