Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to School... and then there were 3!

3 at school, 3 at home, yet even with only 3 at the store with me I still get asked if they are all mine and told that I have my hands full :) It's so nice to have a change though. I've been craving schedules and routines!

The lineup, minus Ryan... Tally was crying when we tried to tell her that just because she has a backpack doesn't mean she gets to go to school too :)

All decked out in their new backpacks and ready to go!

First day of Kindergarten... she may have been all smiles before, but it took a little convincing to get her to get in line. Here she comes!
Less than thrilled... but when I picked her up after school she was all smiles.


Tara said...

So I had this old guy tell me at the store the other day, "Come Mother's Day you'll be rakin in the presents!" I laughed pretty hard. It was so much better than the usual, "You sure have your hands full!" Seriously do people think that's a compliment?

gabbyann said...

The kids and their backpacks are about the same size. Someday they will be bigger than them. So cute and fun to see them going. Anabelle is so brave. She is soo cute. Miss you all so much!!