Friday, January 6, 2012

Summer 2011

This summer we began the extra activities. Knowing that our time in the boonies was coming to an end we decided to let the girls take horse-riding lessons. Even though the pic is a pony they actually did ride the full-size horses and loved it. Ben and Tally want to take soccer, but timing for that has been difficult, hopefully that will come soon.

I was on a sort of bed-rest this summer, so we didn't get out much, but we tried to hit the pool every now and then! We're going to miss this pool... mom & tot times were the best discovery ever... we virtually had the whole pool to ourselves!

Back to school! The kids were really excited, especially Tally starting Kindergarten.
Before:After: Emily Elizabeth de Hoyos... our 5th child to be 6 lbs 13 oz. Born August 17 at way too early in the morning! Don't let the smile fool you, this one was not a fun delivery, so glad it was over and that I don't ever have to do that again! After weekly shots and 9 months trying to keep her in, we were induced in order to have her before dad had to take off to a new job in Texas. Even still, 7 kids, no epidurals... boo-yah!

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