Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Menu & Chores

More about cooking and cleaning, right... just what we all need, because they are a couple of the things that NEVER stop! So I am thrilled to report that the new chore system we are using is working REALLY well... kids know what's expected and there are clear consequences that do not involve me being the screaming bad guy. I still find myself wanting to squeak and give them their star for the day even if they didn't finish everything, but I'm working on not bending the rules ;) The kids have had a few good learning experiences too as they realize to get privileges they have to complete their responsibilities, and we've already done most of their "special dates". A couple chose a movie night with mom and dad, and the others chose walks, and Tally has the next 5 of her dates nights already planned out ;) It's so nice getting that one-on-one time with them.

I listed a bunch of our main menu items a couple blog posts back, but I had to share our new spin on it. I've always wanted to have "Taco Tuesday". Can't remember where I first heard it, but it was catchy and fun, but I always tended to miss it by a day or two. So one day, on the way to softball practice I told the kids about it, and since half of them have or are learning about alliterations in school they thought it was fun and started spouting off ones for other days. So now we have an alliteration menu plan with dinner as follows:

Macaroni Monday (Italian)
Taco Tuesday (Mexican)
Wonton Wednesday (Chinese/Asian)
Thankful Thursday (Just be grateful for whatever you get)
Fast Food or Fish Friday (Fast meaning home-made flatbread pizzas or something we buy pre-made)
Soup or Salad Saturday
Simple Sunday (a reminder to me that it's supposed to be a day of rest and not an elaborate feast)

We've had so much fun with it that we branched out to breakfast too:

OatMeal Monday
Tiny-Pancake Tuesday
Waffle Wednesday
Thankful Thursday (why not carry it out the whole day, right?!)
French Toast Friday
Cereal Saturday
Special Sunday (this is the day I like to take a little more time and make something special, like crepes or ableskivers; or if I'm really lucky and get to sleep in, German pancakes are great time-saving treat)

So there you have it... it makes me smile and since today was Tuesday we tried out our tiny pancakes and they were adorable! Better yet, I didn't have 4 kids waiting for me to cut their pancakes up... who doesn't love finger food :)

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