Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday Recovery Under Way

It was a super fun, busy holiday season... a boutique and a wedding on top of all the other holiday events made it a nice crunch... but I like pressure. I keep wondering why I am feeling like a turtle wanting to hide out in its' shell... then I remember, oh ya... maybe I just might need a little breather :) So to let you know what I've been up to, here's my half of a 12 days of Christmas.

6 Teacher Gifts:

5 Flower Girl Dresses:
4 I spy bags:

3 Frame Stitchings:

2 Hand-made Pillows:
1 Holiday Boutique:
Everything seemed to turn out just fine, thank goodness I started in October! Meanwhile, I'm veerrrryyy slooooowwwly getting back into my new year. Trying to get things in order, and adding a little more structure to my anti-structure way of being. I'd rather just wing it, but with 5 kids and a lot of ambitions, I'm realizing that order is the only way I can get things done that I need and want to and end up with some sort of sanity in the end! So these are some of my attempts to get things in order:

The post-it note weekly plan--set yet post-it flexible! Sigh :)My laundry solution--eliminate 1 step to the dreaded event :) Surprisingly, the kids get so excited to put their laundry in the correct basket. How does it go?... "Find the fun, and snap, the jobs a game"... yes, Mary Poppins is my hero, and I want her bag!


MoLe said...

I only have one work. SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!

Heather said...

Did you make those flower girl dresses?? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! Also, can you bottle up your energy and feed it to me through an IV?? I think I need a new drug cause mine isn't working if you can do all that and have a happy satisfied family!!