Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shutterfly woes

So I'm working on printing an album with all our family pics from 2007... the first printed one I've done. (I am now totally anti-scrapbooking with paper.) But I guess I'm realizing what a control freak I am. I love the quality of Shutterfly books, but I have issues with the rest... the pre-designed books have the most adorable layouts, but the headings can't change and they don't always work with the pics and get a little redundant. So 4 hours later, start over with a generic one, but sadly, the layouts aren't nearly as cool. So now I'm going back to my pre-shutterfly plan... doing the digital scrapbooking with Photoshop and getting exactly what I want. A TON more work, which I was hoping to avoid, but thank goodness for super cute digital products... if you haven't gotten into digital scrap stuff, you've got to check out the products from DSM. They are really cute, well-priced, and have helpful tutorials. If you're in the Salt Lake City area, their workshops are a must. Look for pics of my book in a few months now :( Ha, hopefully the work will pay off.


Angela said...

I actually like I have not had a book published yet, but have been working on one and just have not had time to finish it. I hear they are really nice.

MoLe said...

I am totally looking forward to seeing pics of your book.

Savannah Brentnall said...

You know you can upload your jpgs to Shutterfly when you're finished with them in Shutterfly, right? They have a whole section for digital scrapbookers.