Friday, January 30, 2009

Window Flashback

Back in the day... ha ha, like it was that long ago... anyway, after I had my 2nd baby I stopped working at the furniture designing store I was at, and started my own business. It startedwith some chair covers and then I figured I'd dive into drapes. I'm insanely fearless when it comes to some things, and one of the first drape jobs I did was a $5000 set of 3 motorized Roman Shades, with the largest being about 15' x 10' and out of fabric that was $40+/yd. And did I mention that I'd never made a single Roman Shade before? Ya, crazy, but miraculously we pulled it off and I ws off from there. I had some amazing connections, and great help and it turned out to be a fun business that kept me pretty busy until we moved away and I decided it was time to put that on hold. So I still reminisce and thought I'd randomly share some of our old projects with you.

My first real draper job:
Can I please have this laundry room? These drapes were so fun to do! I even pulled my mom in on this job. Let me tell you, staple and glue guns ARE your friends.


MoLe said...

WOW you are fearless. I would have crapped my pants if that was my first job. :)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Great job and I love the overall beauty of your blog..