Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Have you ever gotten Blog Depression? Or more likely Pinterest Depression? It's that feeling you get when you see how beautiful and crafty and talented all these other women are and look around and feel like that is MILES away from how you are?! I think I went through a few months of that before :) Well, this post is to make sure you don't get that from me... LOL (as if that were possible)!

This is ME ;) 

This is my usual morning attire... at least til I throw on some sweats to take the kids to school, then clean the house, maybe exercise (I hate exercising) and possibly shower around 1pm, at which point in time I may or may not do my hair or makeup.

  • I do about 50% of what I should
  • I spend way too much time on the computer
  • I hide from life in projects
  • I yell at my kids on a nearly daily basis
  • My kids fight ALL the time lately
  • Our house is REALLY noisy (probably why I'm a screamer)
  • I am too judgmental, too full of pride 
  • I desire an extraordinary amount of attention
  • I don't give my children nearly ENOUGH attention
  • The list could go on.....

This is what our house USUALLY looks like:

That being said, this blog is NOT about all the things I do and have done wrong, it's about all the things I'm TRYING to do right. I am loving the stage of life we are in... we have our bumps, but I love my family and my role as a wife, mother and home-maker.

My GOALS with this blog are to:
  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Share ideas that have helped me
  • Post more consistent and relevant content
  • Experiment in marketing and promotion
  • Get more writing experience 

 I have been so FORTUNATE to cross paths with SO many wonderful people who have become my friends and it's your comments that drive most of what I decide to write about. So if you're reading this, make a comment below about what you'd like to hear/see more of. I'm feeling a little exposed right now, but it makes me feel more love for you too, so I guess that's a good thing!



Chris and Jessie said...

I love your posts and I think you are supper mom! Whenever I feel overwhelmed I just think "suck it up, Angela's got 7!" I'm glad to know you're human sometimes :)

roy said...

umm you look gorgeous in your morning attire! and i don't believe you, your kids are perfect!! :)

roy said...

ha, it's really stefani.. but I'm sure roy thinks you look hot in your robe too!