Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Trip to Memphis - Part II

Day 3 continued...
After our adventures at Brooks Museum, we drove around the corner to Overton Park. The Shelby Farms park was impressive, but the park at Overton is AMAZING! I even had to get out and play. The kids could have stayed here the rest of their vacation. In fact, we did go back the next day because it was so much fun!


On our final day we went into town and took a trolley ride around the downtown area. I LOVE the urban downtown scene... the shops, the architecture, the amazing interlacing roads! In my design studies at BYU we looked at a lot of different architecture and art that you just don't find in Utah. So one of my favorite things in our travels has been getting a taste of those!


Our trip to Memphis was SO much fun! We loved spending time with Chris & Jessie and kids and seeing so many things that Memphis had to offer. It's crazy where all of our travels have taken us :) Hopefully St. Louis will be our next vacation spot!

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Chris and Jessie said...

We loved having you here. You would love the historic district right now with all of the trees blossoming. I'm already thinking of what we can do next time :)