Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Trip to Memphis - Part I

 For Spring Break we drove Ben up to his new job in MEMPHIS, TN! Just to show what a SMALL WORLD it is... the apartment his work had for him was in the SAME building as our good friends Chris & Jessie. We've know them since flight school and both of us have moved a few times since then, and are working for different companies, and still we ended up RIGHT by them! So luckily, their Spring Break and work schedules aligned so they were able to drive us around the town for the week.

This was an awesome park with some HUGE play structures that we'd never seen before. They had a little bit of everything. The park even has a herd of Bison... random!

We were a little early for the flowers to all be in bloom, but it was still BEAUTIFUL. Like a very small Thanksgiving Point, but we got a taste of the greenery as well as a small display of ART!

You can imagine the looks on the Security Guards faces as they saw 3 adults and 11 CHILDREN come walking in their MUSEUM! I love ART and ARCHITECTURE, so I drag my kids along for the ride, hoping that they might get a love of it too. They didn't get too bored, and it helped out that they had a hands-on section along with their Salvador Dali display featuring Alice in Wonderland.

It totally cracked me up, we were trying to get a picture with 10 of the kids and Emily was the ONLY one who wasn't looking at the camera. So when I told her to turn around and look at the camera she did that (note the middle picture in the collage)... LOL... and she would NOT turn around... oh to be 2!

Stay tuned for our next installment of Spring Break in Memphis... I'm sure the suspense will kill you :)

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