Thursday, April 17, 2014

Egg Wars

Before Easter arrives I want to share with you our FAVORITE Easter Tradition:

This is something Ben's family did for quite a while growing up, from what I understand, it was adopted from one of his uncle's, in-laws family tradition. Either way, it's AWESOME and maybe you might wanna give it a try this Easter with your family.

  • 2 Hard-boiled and dyed eggs per person
  • 1 Large, smooth table 
*One year we did do it on a trampoline, and that worked pretty well too.


Everyone sits around the table and places their arms out to create a protective "bumper" around all the edges; to prevent any misfired eggs from falling off the table and cracking prematurely ;) Sometimes we have too many littles and have had to improvise barriers.

Now tournament style, people take turns 1-on-1 rolling their eggs toward one another in the middle of the table. Naturally 1 egg will crack while the other remains unscathed. Then the eliminations begin. After everyone has rolled once, the un-cracked egg winners of round 1 roll against each other 1-on-1 again, repeating each round until you have 1 final champion of the EGG ROLL.


Each egg has a pointier side (head) and a more rounded side (butt). In teams of two, one person holds their egg in their hand, only revealing the HEAD. Their challenger takes the HEAD of their own egg and hits it against the other person's egg. Again, naturally one will crack and the other will stay whole. Then those same people flip their eggs around to the BUTT and the person who did the "hitting" already will cup their egg while the other one gets to take a turn hitting with their BUTT. Sometimes one egg stays whole, other times they'll each have a whole/broken side.

Once each team has competed once you have remaining WHOLES challenge each other, then remaining HEADS challenge each other, then remaining BUTTS challenge each other, then finally any HEADS to BUTTS left or WHOLE to HEAD or BUTT.


The winner of the EGG ROLL and the winner of the HEAD BUTT WAR challenge each other in a final Head/Butt war and the winner is the GRAND CHAMPION.

Sure this may seem like a process, but it is HILARIOUS and so much fun! Hopefully this was clear enough. If you're left with any confusion just leave a comment and I'll try to clear it up for you.

Happy Easter and let the Egg Wars begin!

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